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The first novel we will study this year is The Declaration, by Gemma Malley.
You are required to read the novel, and demonstrate your understanding through the Chapter Activities. We will complete some activities in class, and some will be set as homework.

Chapter Activities

Chapter one questions:

Chapter two questions:

Chapter three activity:

Chapter questions for the rest of the novel:

Checklist: Have you completed all the required work?

In-class activities and information

Here's the work you did on character profiles. Make sure you know each character well, and create a character map to show how they are connected/ related to each other. Save some room - there may be other characters that arise later in the book!

Here's the work we completed on themes in the Declaration. If you missed this class, be sure to catch up and ask for a list of the themes.

Here are some key quotes from The Declaration

Assessment Tasks

The Declaration Text Response Essay
(2 periods in-class written SAC)

Steps for successful essay writing: